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If I want beautiful photos, what is the best time for my wedding ceremony?

The most beautiful light for photography occurs in the last two hours before sunset. The last hour photographers refer to as THE GOLDEN HOUR.
As a guide for working out the best time for your ceremony I would say…
Look up the SUNSET TIME on the date you have chosen for your wedding – say it is 6.30 pm. Then SUBTRACT 2 HOURS = 4.30 pm ceremony time.
If we allow an hour for the ceremony and congratulations/group shots
We are now @ 5.30 pm. So then you have THE GOLDEN HOUR in which to shoot the Bride & Groom and or – the bridal party – and give yourself the best chance of getting THAT SPECIAL SHOT.

How many hours photo coverage do I need for my Wedding?

Wedding day photography bookings range from 1 – 12 hrs.
This will depend on a number of factors.
How much of your WEDDING DAY STORY you would like to be covered by a professional. How many guests you are inviting. How many group/family shots you plan for. Number of venues and how much travel time is involved.
As a starting point you can use the following as a guide…
Getting ready shots – 1 hour
Ceremony – 1/2 hour
Congratulations/family & group shots – 1/2 hour
Wedding party / Bride & Groom shots – 1 hour
Travel time – 1 hour
Reception/arrival/cake cutting/first dance – 1 hour
Speeches/dancing/departure – 3 hours
TOTAL 8 hours

How many photos should I expect?

On average you can expect a minimum of 60 shots for each hour of coverage.

How much will my wedding photos cost?

Please see our pricing guide over here.


How much communication should we expect?

I am always available for coffee 🙂
and by phone/email/text to answer any queries you may have about planning, timing, locations, venues, recommended providers & services etc.
We can discuss any ideas and preferences that you have for various
shots and styles and strategy for differing levels of comfort in front of a camera.

How long before I get my wedding photos?

Allow 2 weeks.
I will personally individually edit all your shots.
They will be presented on USB – in both screen (low) resolution for sharing
and print (high) resolution for printing.
All shots in colour with a special selection also in black &white.

lets tell your story together

with beautiful images